Kelli Lair
Name: Kelli Lair
City, State: Shanghai, China
Number of years - member of NAfME: 6
Number of years - member of IMEA: 6
Other arts organizations you're a member of: IBA
If you've served on the IMEA Board of Directors, which positions have you serve in?:
Colleges or institutions you've studied at and which degrees or certificates you’ve received? BS in Music Education, Waldorf College, BME/MT at Wartburg College (did not complete)
Total career number of years teaching: 5
What schools have you taught at and what did you teach?  Guyana Lutheran Music Academy (New Amsterdam, Guyana), Beginning Brass, Percussion, and Guitar; American Academy for Girls (Salmiya, Kuwait), Middle School General Music; Shanghai Livingston American School (Shanghai, China), Primary General Music
What made you go into teaching?: It has always been a passion of mine.
What has been one of your most enjoyable moments about teaching? I have enjoyed learning about the world and how different cultures use music.
What has been one of your funniest moments in teaching? Teaching in Guyana one of my classes had to be held outside because of space issues inside at that time. A cow randomly wandered up into the yard and joined our band rehearsal.
Something in your teaching career you’re proud of: I am proud of helping set up a brand new music academy in Guyana.
Why are you a member of IMEA? I may not actually teach in Iowa, but that is where I was born and raised and where my license is held. I find being a part of IMEA keeps me connected to the American education system and what is going on within it while teaching in American schools around the world.
If we looked at your iTunes or Spotify, what music would we find in your "Recently Played" list? Louden Swain, Brianna Buckmaster, and Jason Manns
When you're not teaching, what do you like to do? Read, Creative Writing, and Traveling the world.
What do you like to do with your summers? Summers are when I return to the US to visit family and travel around the Midwest performing with Sheltered Reality
What do you want music education to look like in 20 years? I would like to see music education to be held and regarded like other core subjects in school all over the world.